It’s a race between this and Mastodon as to which one I’ll fail at keeping up on first.

Sometimes it takes plunking out U2’s “Every Breaking Wave” on the piano to get your head to clear a bit.

I don’t understand Microblog and am ready to give up because I keep banging my head against a wall. This “post” doesn’t appear anywhere else? i.e. or or on the iOS app or ??

I really appreciate the amount of thought being put into features - or lack of features - on Microblog. I just have yet to find any sort of real community/connection on Microblog besides shouting into the void. Which is sometimes ok. The writing is more important than being read.

I love coming back to my office when I’ve “forgotten” to turn off the heater for lunch. Toasty and warm for my afternoon nap.

Overcooked is a fun game. But I don’t know if playing it with a 5yo on your team is a great way to “enjoy” playing it.

Picked up Overcooked during the Xbox Xmas sale. Trying it out tonight - kids think we’re going to burn everything. :)

Still trying to figure out how I might use Microblog but this list of community guidelines is nice to see.…

Kids before bed: “I’m so hungry!” Me: “You’re fine!” Me after kids are in bed: I eat like I may not have food again this winter.

Just as I was trying to figure out where a follower count was on, @Manton posted this explaining why there isn’t any such thing.. I love it.

I just want to curl up by the fireplace and play FIFA ‘18 because my sportsguy is being transferred from Manchester United to LA Galaxy and he’s very stressed right now.… is all. I can say that the song lands much better in person, when they’re opening for U2. :)

Souled out to the man.

@nheagy I’m with Rogers right now - just trying to hold off on the chance @sasktel comes through with iPhone 4 news before 2011.

When does @rogers 6GB/$30 promo end? Still nothing from @sasktel (“negotiations are ongoing”) so thinking I better get in while I can.

@RiderMommy You keep Tim Hortons workers on your shelf? Yikes. Addicted much?

@thatgirlmandee Can’t you block texts - or get Rogers/Sasktel to block them?

@5by5studios Love the new (new to me?) Twitter icon for the tweets.

@thatgirlmandee Thanks. :)

Hey wow-wee, I wrote that! RT @YasTech: New blog post ‘Email Newsletter Writing Advice’

@U2log I like that “Back home” meant they landed on Moment of Surrender, jacket or otherwise.

@danbenjamin You should hire someone to take care of the podcasts so you can play the game more… :)

RT @nathansmith: RT @paul_irish - A rock-solid default for HTML5 awesome. Can you dig it?

Neat retro looking iPhone game: RT @nevenmrgan: Omg everyone, The Incident is out: Yay, right?

@nevenmrgan Haven’t clicked yet but it’s either a) Too expensive b) Can’t check Twitter c) What? Where’s syncing to the cloud? d) Congrats!