@neil_mccormick Great writeup Neil.

I wish #safari 4’s topsites had a sync between computers so it’d know I’d already read @daringfireball for the day.

@alexalbrecht It’d be sweet if you had a list of the stuff u use to make the show for aspiring podcasters.Or is that giving away the secret?

@cassiegermsheid Nice. Much better.

@dmosher It’s definitely more RPG than shooter.

Never get into fights with ugly people, they have nothing to lose.

@dmosher iChris

@dmosher Have u tried Fallout 3?

Playing some FIFA 09 on xbox live

@dmosher Whats your gamertag?

RT @teleject: posted slides from my #inctrl09 keynote tinyurl.com/mxy7jy

@teleject Slides look interesting - is there audio/video from it somewhere?

WWDC’s closing middle finger to iPhone developers: bit.ly/pGE7Z

RT @jsnell: Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin’s “Outrage” is Misplaced and a Little Late… tr.im/oBV0

@Bloglos Lame. I don’t have these “non virtual legs” you speak of.

My son is eating frozen peas. I guess I’ll get to see them come out ‘unfrozen’ on the other side later tonight.

@bloglos Fifa tonight or are you out with “friends” again at some pub having “fun” and “refreshments?”

@squaredeye And equally appropriate flaming animated GIFs.

And equally appropriate flaming animated GIFs.

It’s raining. And of course I washed the car yesterday.