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@ddgrunau No - but she doesn’t have a device to take pictures with.

@danbenjamin @imyke Crap. I didn’t realize I’d be found out as an episode skipper. That’s worse than listening at double speed isn’t it?

@danbenjamin Spoilers? C’mon man. I’m halfway through ep 2? The @imyke episode.

@ddgrunau Yeah as far as I know. It pulls the Facebook/Twitter accounts from iOS settings.

@ddgrunau You can share an account too. Or just use the free account option.

Build & Analyze finale. I had no idea @marcoarment was to @danbenjamin as Brad Pitt was to Edward Norton in Fight Club. #spoiler

@itsnotdayna Have you read any @abookapart stuff? I have most of them and they’re great.

@itsnotdayna Process/strategy of a team web project or what level are you looking for?

@mantia Icon design company maybe? ;)

@mantia You think he’ll start something new/different completely?

@mantia I don’t know him at all obv. but he seems like a competitive guy. Or is he a  guy to the end? Hoping to come back someday?

@mantia Really? So he could go to Google or MS as soon as his Apple bags are packed?

@ddgrunau I’m talking about the pictures you would’ve posted on IG and putting them on FB. FB owns IG and will do the same thing is all.

@mantia Seriously though - a guy like that it’s hard to imagine not being in OS/mobile somewhere. But likely has a no-compete clause right?

@mantia Skeuomorphic thermostats?