I love coming back to my office when I’ve “forgotten” to turn off the heater for lunch. Toasty and warm for my afternoon nap.

Overcooked is a fun game. But I don’t know if playing it with a 5yo on your team is a great way to “enjoy” playing it.

Picked up Overcooked during the Xbox Xmas sale. Trying it out tonight - kids think we’re going to burn everything. :)

Still trying to figure out how I might use Microblog but this list of community guidelines is nice to see. help.micro.blog/2017/comm…

Kids before bed: “I’m so hungry!” Me: “You’re fine!” Me after kids are in bed: I eat like I may not have food again this winter.

Just as I was trying to figure out where a follower count was on Micro.blog, @Manton posted this explaining why there isn’t any such thing.. I love it.

I just want to curl up by the fireplace and play FIFA ‘18 because my sportsguy is being transferred from Manchester United to LA Galaxy and he’s very stressed right now.

10 things I wish I would’ve known about iPhone 3.0: www.suntimes.com/business/…

Downloading iPhone 3.0 update. Here comes the future! 232MB of it.

@mattwiebe So that’s noon here I guess.

@teepoole Go for it!

Sitting on the deck while Damien shouts at people/vehicles passing by.

@sneakyfox what did u do? We’ve got a ton in our yard that won’t die.

Up and down. Up and down. June really needs to make up it’s frakkin mind. (and I’m not talkin ‘bout the weather)

Is it wrong to leave the house for 2 minutes to buy a slurpee while your kid is sleeping? If u answer yes, can u go buy me a slurpee?

@tyotee I do it w/app on each machine, but the library/b is on DropBox. As detailed here: bit.ly/oSFBY

Despite what my last.fm account says, I did not just listen to Take My Breath Away by Berlin…

And weep silently.

Waiting for Apple to deliver my Genius results.

An image I ul’d to flickr was view 400+ times within minutes. Crazy: bit.ly/2QuWu3