Sometimes it takes plunking out U2’s “Every Breaking Wave” on the piano to get your head to clear a bit.

I don’t understand Microblog and am ready to give up because I keep banging my head against a wall. This “post” doesn’t appear anywhere else? i.e. or or on the iOS app or ??

I really appreciate the amount of thought being put into features - or lack of features - on Microblog. I just have yet to find any sort of real community/connection on Microblog besides shouting into the void. Which is sometimes ok. The writing is more important than being read.

I love coming back to my office when I’ve “forgotten” to turn off the heater for lunch. Toasty and warm for my afternoon nap.

Overcooked is a fun game. But I don’t know if playing it with a 5yo on your team is a great way to “enjoy” playing it.

Picked up Overcooked during the Xbox Xmas sale. Trying it out tonight - kids think we’re going to burn everything. :)

Still trying to figure out how I might use Microblog but this list of community guidelines is nice to see.…

Kids before bed: “I’m so hungry!” Me: “You’re fine!” Me after kids are in bed: I eat like I may not have food again this winter.

Just as I was trying to figure out where a follower count was on, @Manton posted this explaining why there isn’t any such thing.. I love it.

I just want to curl up by the fireplace and play FIFA ‘18 because my sportsguy is being transferred from Manchester United to LA Galaxy and he’s very stressed right now.

@jdalrymple When did we get a television station???

Thanks @WaywardReporter - your unswerving focus on ruts has eliminated the ruts in front of my house.

There’s a grader on our street. Moving the snow. And entertaining our kids. Best morning ever. #yxe

@hula_doll Interesting. I vaguely remember a Paper Mario game. I’ll look it up. Thanks!

I have a Wii for 6 months. What games should I play? Reply, comment - or FB


@deeannmercier But why do you have multiple posters of him in your house?

Don’t tell @deeannmercier but I found what I’m getting her for Christmas:

RT @dooce: Whoa “@lexinyt: National Geographic announces the suspension of its Instagram account over new terms of service:

@scottsimpson GO BACK TO RUSSIA!